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The public is invited to visit the shelter to locate their lost pet or to adopt one of the unclaimed quality animals in the shelter.

The animals show here are subject to being adopted at any time and may not be available when you go to the shelter.  Please keep in mind that new animals are always arriving at the shelter and may not be pictured here.

(This page is in no way connected to the City of Broken Arrow or the BAPD's ADOPT-A-PET PROGRAM.  It is an effort by baokdotcom to help spread the word about the Animal Shelter and to get as many animals as possible adopted and to prevent any adaptable animals from being put to sleep.  They euthanize between20 and 40 animals every week. Total euthanizations from January 2008 thru October 2008 were  1,450 compared to 1,298 in all of 2007.  The BAPD's Animal Shelter has their own web page and if you would like to visit it please click on the following :BAPD Animal Shelter

 Monday thru Sat 9AM to 4PM


W. Omaha is also known as 51 St.  See below for directions.


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Please adopt us!  We are looking for a home. The folks here are great but we would rather be home with you.

We encourage those interested in working with the Animal Shelter to serve as a volunteer. 

Volunteer Activities: The Animal Shelter Volunteer will be able to do a variety of task including:


data entry

answering telephones at the shelter 

working on the adoption program

and interacting with the animals.

Those  interested in becoming a Volunteer at the Animal Shelter please call 259-8213/8311




You will see more pictures here in a minute or two, please wait.  If you do not see the pictures or are using Netscape click here to see more pictures.


Animals may not be adopted until at least five days from the time that official notification of owner(s) has been made. After those five days, the animal may be adopted or otherwise disposed of.

 There is no fee for those animals brought to the Shelter by owners. There is a $20.00 impoundment fee for those animals which are chased and captured by Animal Control officers and brought to the Shelter.

There is also a $50 (refundable) deposit on a sterilization fee that you need to pay. This is done under the Dog and Cat Sterilization Act of Oklahoma. The animal must be licensed. You can get a license at the Animal Shelter or at City Hall.  (The cost of a license is $5.00 if Spayed and Neutered, $15 if not S & N, and $25 for a dangerous Animal.)   If it has already been sterilized, the $50 fee would not be required. This sterilization fee is refundable when the sterilization is done by the due date and done by a registered veterinarian, with proof provided to the Animal Shelter personnel. Failure to comply with that agreement on sterilization may be prosecuted as a misrepresentation to a city official under BA Code Section 16-42.


Directions to the Animal Shelter:

The Animal Shelter is  East of 145th Street (Aspen Ave.).  Go East on 51st Street for 4 miles and it is on the right.


Take 193rd (County Line) to 51st Street. Go East on 51st Street. Go 1  mile. Look to the right.

Tip:Animal shelters and other rescue facilities are often overlooked as sources for dogs
of all sorts and sizes, including purebred pooches. And considering that purebred dogs
can cost from $300 to more than $1,000 through a pet shop or breeder, you can save a lot of money and an animal's life at the same time.

Shelter Hours

Monday thru Saturday    9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Call (918) 259-8311, serious inquiries only, please.

After-hours phone number 451-8400


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